Maria Papapetros is uniquely qualified as both a psychic and a healer. She has made quantum leaps in the therapeutic community by using her unique psychic gifts in the field of parapsychology.

Hailed worldwide for her unparalleled psychic abilities, Maria Papapetros is a central energy source behind the movement to legitimize the field of psychic development. She currently resides in the New York area. She consults regularly with clients on both coasts of the United States and in various countries, such as Greece, England, Turkey and Cyprus. As a professional psychic, whether providing psychic intuitive readings, healing, meditation training or business and motion picture consultation, Maria Papapetros brings integrity to insight.

Her intuitive grasp of individual para-psychological dynamics and her skill as a psychic/healer make it possible for her to expedite the growth process by which a person achieves psychic awareness, thereby allowing the person to realize the creative and human potential that is mankind’s universal birthright. Maria’s Papapetros renowned achievements have been acclaimed by distinguished clients from coast to coast. Her sense of integrity and abiding reverence for the dignity of the individual places her in a class by herself. Maria’s Papapetros challenge to the human spirit is to those who truly wish to yield up the neurotic hooks that have kept them in willing bondage. Her approach is gentle but relentless as she tenaciously sifts through the labyrinth of self deception in an attempt to free each individual in order that they may create for themselves a harmonious and fulfilling reality.

Personal growth is expedited by an awareness of and a belief in one’s ability to create a fulfilling reality. By removing the cloak of exclusivity from the psychic realm, Maria is determined to help elevate the spirit of dignity and creativity, both in the individual and in society.
Born on the isle of Crete in Greece … land of the mythical prophetic oracles … Maria Papapetros was engulfed by metaphysics at an early age. Having a father who was a healer and two aunts who were “top psychics”, Maria Papapetros seemed predestined to enter the realm of psychic development.
It was not until 1970, that her remarkable gift was discovered while she was receiving a psychic reading. Acknowledging the remarkable nature of her latent talents, Maria Papapetros began tuning her insight with intensive training. She soon became a practical expert in para-psychological dynamics and psychic awareness.
Word of mouth rapidly transformed an outstanding reputation into a career for Maria Papapetros. It also led to her participation in a landmark study at UCLA’s Department of Psychology conducted by Dr. Jan Berlin in 1980. One of the first controlled investigations of para-psychology, this study revealed evidence which set Maria Papapetros apart in the psychic field.
Endless opportunities to encourage personal growth through psychic awareness prompted Maria Papapetros to design and teach worldwide, a unique one-day Psychic Development Workshop. She has also written two books on self awareness with great success. Maria’s Papapetros detailed readings, combined with her warm demeanor and expertise in psychometry – readings taken from personal objects – continues to increase her reputation in mainstream industries such as sports, fashion, entertainment and the Financial World. Committed to the goal of demystifying metaphysics she also leads metaphysical seminars and meditation groups and has created a series of innovative meditation tapes.
She has worked with many government agencies and the police with great success. She has consulted with high officials and world leaders with accuracy.
Maria Papapetros has a rewarding relationship with the entertainment industry, as an off-screen consultant on feature and television films.
Maria Papapetros has not only brought into being a new language for self actualization, but she has elevated the healing process to an art form and the field of psychic development to a science.

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