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Who is JZI Muzic?

  Jazi was born Marisa Sundari Freed, March 18, 1991, 11:35 PM in Tacoma General Hospital in Washington to Indonesian mother Patricia Martiana Freed and Caucasian-Jewish father Justin Wayne Freed. Since she was a young age, she always enjoyed being creative, entertaining, performing music, dance, and theater. At 18 years old, she moved from Port Orchard, WA to attend College at the University of Hawaii. She left school as a Sophomore at 19 years old to pursue a music career after meeting Producer/Manager Christopher (Trackbaby) Deshields of Trackbaby Records. 

    When Jazi broke out into the Hawaii Hip Hop scene. Her name and music spread throughout the island and world creating a buzz which had a major impact on changing the way people think, rap, dress, talk, and support each other. Continuously breaking records, such as being the first Hawaii Hip Hop artist to be featured on major media outlets including Worldstar Hip Hop, XXL, Datpiff, headlining concert at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center which landed Jazi in the Star Advertiser Honolulu Pulse, the inHonolulu Weekly, Power 104.3, KPRP 650AM, sponsorship from Papa Johns, OC 16, and more attention and respect than any local Hip Hop Artist has received for a breathtaking and groundbreaking show, and being nominated for best Hip Hop Album of the Year for the Na Hoku Hano Hano Awards 2014 where Jazi was the first Hip Hop artist to ever set foot on stage to perform for the Award Ceremony. Jazi blessed the audience and live television with singer Vdot Valdez with her single "Me and You" which the single aired on Tom Moffatt's (largest Hawaii promoter) radio station 107.9 Kool Gold. Her album "T.M.T.T.H" (Too Much Talent To Hide) was nominated for the Grammy's 2015. 

     Jazi  relocated to Los Angeles, CA where she released her second mixtape, "Talk To The Mic Volume 2". In Los Angeles, Jazi overcame many Hip Hop obstacles in the game including being Top 12 of the Team backpack MULA, gaining respect from many OGs in the game like Kurupt and Daz of DPG, Will I Am, Too Short, Lady of Rage, Tone Loc, Ras Kass, and so much more, to performing at underground venues to big arena stages including opening for The Red Cup Westcoast tour with Tha Alkaholiks.
    In 2018 she performed for multiple venues and opening for bigger artists all while working on herself as an artist.
    Jazi’s movement, "Little Girl Big Dreams" was her mission to inspire and guide people into leading and living a better life; To create a new era in the world of music with more peace, justice, talent, and love and so far shes been doing that and more. Going through her own struggles, it is important for her music to make a statement of inspiration, not just to our women, but our men & children. Now she feels like a “Grown Woman with a Youthful Spirit”, because it’s necessary we all keep that feeling of being a kid, within us.

   In 2019 Jazi signed to Astana Music Group and renamed herself Jzi Muzic. Relocated in Las Vegas, Jzi is Coming with a new flavor, vibe and energy. Jzi is currently in the studio working on her Third solo album as well as a mixtape. Excited for the future and ready for more! Stay Tuned! #PeaceLoveandallAbove

IG: @JziMuzic
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