Was born in a small town three hours outside of Copenhagen to a Danish dad and a mom from St. Kitts. They encouraged an interest in the arts with classical piano and ballet lessons.


She discovered her voice at 18, and developed a vocal style influenced by her passion for Whitney Houston, Soul music, British and Danish pop.

Her unique vocal style soulful with broad-based popular and international appeal led to Jonna singing in front of audiences throughout Europe.

Later on she realized an early dream and moved to Los Angeles, and quickly immersed herself in the local music scene, singing at open mics, showcases and sitting in with various bands.

As both a songwriter and a singer, she’s collaborated with various producers and songwriters in LA, NYC and Atlanta. She’s been featured in various TV shows and in two Queen Latifah films, Beauty Shop and Taxi, and performed as a voice over artist.

In 2015, she began a new creative journey with Astana Music, and with the guidance of the legendary producer George Brown, her skills as a songwriter and vocalist have taken off. She’s currently working on new material for her upcoming album along with co-writing material for other Astana recording artists.

Jonna Elizabeth @Hollywire

Jonna Elizabeth is in the Hollywire studio!! Jonna is a singer songwriter signed with the legendary George Brown. She is from Denmark making music here in LA as well as Atlanta. Growing up in Copenhagen, Denmark, her vocal style was influenced at an early age by Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, Sade, to name a few, and her Euro/Caribbean heritage. She has developed a unique vocal style that is rooted in the R&B tradition with broad-based popular and international appeal.

Jonna has continued to excite audiences with her passionate vocal style and sultry stage presence since arriving to Los Angeles. As you listen to her music, her passion shines through every lyric with conviction and soulful impact. Jonna is a very talented artist and we loved having her in the studio.