Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart Campaign 3/15/19

The latest in a series of Billboard Information Network reports confirms the following information on the national Dance Top 50 club level.

Clubs reporting the title: 34 (+02)

Clubs adding title: 01 (-04)

Clubs moving title up: 08 (-01)

Clubs keeping title same: 24 (+06)

Clubs moving title down: 01 (+01)

Clubs dropping title: 00 (+/-00)

This week’s points: 336 (+040) 

Last week’s points: 296 (+76)

Difference: + 040 (-36)

Note : (bracketed information) above indicates an increase (+) or decrease (-) in reports and/or points from prior week’s totals

Half way through March the national Billboard DJ support for Chelsea is solid as the Astana Music artist moves into the Dance Club Songs Top 35.

From #37* to #33*, ‘Pink Tool Box’ enjoys the support from 30% of the entire reporting community as PRO MOTION sets its marketing sights on a possible Top 30 slot by 3.22.



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